What is a 'Crisis Pregnancy Center'?

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are non-profit organizations, often funded from state or religious programs, that work to prevent pregnant women from accessing abortion services. They will often provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and one-on-one patient 'counseling'.

There is varying information about the medical accuracy provided by these groups and they are known for using deceptive practices, like choosing names or locations very similar to the nearest abortion clinic, to attract and discourage women from obtaining an abortion. 

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas has put together an in-depth website looking at how CPCs operate and what women experience when walking into these facilities. 

It is important to understand that these 'clinics' are not regulated through the state and are not required to provide patients with accurate information. Many women leave CPCs experiencing immense shame and guilt for their decisions, as well as incorrect information regarding the effects of abortion or the actual length of the pregnancy. 

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