Amy Hagstrom Miller is the Founder, President and CEO of Whole Woman's Health, LLC. Whole Woman's Health was first established in Austin, TX in 2003 and, now, with seven facilities in Texas, Minnesota, Maryland and New Mexico, offers care to more than 15,000 women a year for reproductive health. Amy holds a degree in International Studies, with a concentration in a minor in Women's Studies from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. She began her career in reproductive healthcare 25 years ago and soon her work began to be, as she states, her calling to change the way women experience healthcare. Her national recognition for innovation and outspoken advocacy and action has led her to be a frequently quoted spokesperson, conference presenter, and a nationally sought out expert on women's reproductive health. Within the full range of gynecological services in her clinics, Amy is proud to offer compassionate abortion care and often frames her work, as a career in the self-esteem boosting, identity examination, and stigma eradication business. Amy is now the standing Executive Director of Shift. 



Fatimah Gifford holds a Bachelor's degree in Business of Science and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, HI. She began her career in marketing and advertising 12 years ago with executing marketing events for Hawaii Pacific University and soon began developing and implementing marketing and public relations campaigns for the Army National Guard and the Department of Public Safety. She began working in reproductive health with Whole Woman's Health as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations in March 2013 and became quickly devoted to advocacy, education, and women's empowerment. Fatimah continues to hold the position of Director of Marketing and Public Relations of Whole Woman's Health, LLC and has recently become the Deputy Director of Shift.