Illuminate RJ is a project designed to create a Texas-specific narrative about reproductive justice and our abortion experiences. Using art as a medium to share and illuminate personal and political experience is a powerful way to spotlight stories of struggle and resilience across Texas.

We know that current culture strongly enforces stigma and shame onto those who seek abortion care or who stand up for reproductive justice.  Frankly, those negative connotations impact all matters related to the body and sexuality. By sharing our stories through art, we hope to reclaim our power and fight stigma.  We are using a powerful tool in the fight for reproductive justice — Artvism (Art + Activism = Artivism!).

The goal of this project is to publish and broadcast art that features Texans’ real and often untold stories around reproductive justice. Through grassroots organizing, we’ll cultivate collaborations between artists and activists to capture and showcase stories across the state. Our hope is that this project sparks a dialogue that contributes to changing the culture of abortion stigma in our state.

For more information about Reproductive Justice, RJ organizations across the country, and submitting your artwork, please visit the website!

Illuminate RJ is a project collaboration between Shift, Texas Freedom Network, and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, with special thanks to the Repeal Hyde Art Project!