Note: The Real Talk Hotline's last day is December 23, 2017. Please visit the Real Talk website at

We've created Real Talk to address the needs of thousands of Texans who struggle to gain access to a safe abortion. Needing an abortion can mean having to navigate multiple barriers, including but not limited to: the high cost of abortion, child care, travel and transportation costs, lodging, forgoing work, and being away from family and loved ones longer than necessary. These barriers can be emotionally trying and very expensive, which is why we want to make the experience of accessing an abortion as seamless as possible. 

Real Talk will help provide medically accurate information about abortion, supportive referrals in your community - physicians, health care organizations and support services. We also provide information on Texas abortion laws and how they impact your healthcare decisions, updated clinic information and answers to FAQs about abortion care in Texas. We are here for you. 

If you have questions about accessing abortion care in Texas, please go to or visit the Open Clinics portion of this website.