We know that unnecessary legislation enacted by our government is adding significantly to the time and financial burdens women face in seeking abortion care. Our mission is to support and aid women and people in their effort to obtain an abortion amidst these burdens. 

The Stigma Relief Fund is an abortion fund serving patients in each of the seven Whole Woman's Health locations. Assistance from the Stigma Relief Fund goes directly to offset the price of abortion for those who cannot afford it, who don't have insurance, are undocumented, or cannot pay for the additional logistical requirements put forth by our legislatures. 

There is a real price to the increasing number of TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion providers) laws, and unfairly it's often those who can least afford it that have to pay. Please consider a donation to the Stigma Relief Fund and help us fight the rising cost of abortion stigma. 


Donate to the Stigma Relief Fund